Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wounded Heart

Calm seas
Nice breeze
Living so carefree
Reminds me of where I want to be
Away from a cold heart
A wounded heart
Full of pain, despair, but hope that it can be redeemed
Hope that one day the walls will disintegrate
Give those who love me the whole me, not pieces

I see a drifter writing in the sand
The words blow through the wind and whisper to me
"Be happy, be free, be at peace"
Peace is something I may never feel
I am surrounded by love, but feel so alone
My soul has been raped
My spirit taken away
This has changed who I am, who I was supposed to be
Having a guarded heart is a smart precaution
Having a locked heart without a key is a tragedy
If I can't unlock my heart, then who else can?

I look to the sea
Feel the calm breeze
Maybe it will come to me
Fix my soul, fix my heart, fix my being
Love is within me
I just need the key


"Moonlight Shores" by Kyle Krone
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