Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Mom's "Boring" Trip to Europe

"It was ok, I wouldn't go again, just glad I can say I at least went before I died."  That is what my mom told me after her trip to England and France.  It just erks me, I mean really erks me that she can say something like that.  I have never been, but I know for sure that when I go, I am going to have one hell of a time.  When she first told me her and my stepdad were going, my first reaction to myself was that it was going to be a waste of a trip, and I was right.  It all comes down to their personalities.  Just getting them to try new foods, cultures, new activities is like pulling teeth, so I have stopped trying.  Whenever they come to visit me from out of state, we just go to the same o same o Applebees or Chilis and the craziest we get is ordering the shrimp.  OH my gosh, I love seafood, but I don't think you can claim you love seafood if you only like shrimp.  It is like saying you love French food because you love french toast.  Whenever I cook for them, I have to make sure I don't put anything "green" in the food because my stepdad doesn't like green things and make sure it isn't too spicy, or has alot of vegetables, or any weird sauce, or .. or.. has any flavor whatsoever.  It is so frustrating because I love food and love to try new things.  I like to take them to new places and one of my reasons for going somewhere new is because of the food.  The last time they visited, we went to a place that was known for their Italian Beef sandwiches with mozzarella cheese and sweet peppers and some special sauce they put on it.  We all ordered it, but my mom said without the sauce or peppers and my stepdad said he just wanted it with the beef, nothing else.  So, when we were done eating, he said "I don't see what the big deal is, it is just some beef."  Well of course it isn't a big deal when you just order it as PLAIN AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY FREAKING ORDER IT!    Ok, so back to the boring ol' Europe trip they took....
They saw some museums, and oh what is that thing again, oh yeah, The Eiffel Tower.  (Just a bigger version of the one in Vegas, right?)  According to my mom, the burgers aren't as good as at home, the pizza is "ok" and you know the people aren't the same.  Ok, maybe because you are in freakin' England and France, you aren't suppose to eat stupid burgers and pizza.  Geez lady!  Of course the people aren't the same, they are not Americans and have a different culture, try to embrace it for the love of GOD!  You don't go all the way to Europe to eat greasy hamburgers and pizza, ok?  They probably expected the French to speak English too.  My mom said, "It was hard to understand them, most of their English wasn't very good."  I told her, "Well you are in France, at least they were trying, did you try to speak French?"  I got that awkward silence, so I guess that was a no.    So please do me a favor mom and stepdad, next time you decide to take a trip, well really anywhere, just give me the money and I'll enjoy the trip for you!  I will learn some new things from the culture, try to speak a little of the language, and I will eat like the locals.  Otherwise, what is the point?Anyways...  it just pisses me off that they had this opportunity to go the Europe and all they brought back was a T-shirt that read " I Went to Europe, Big Whoopie Poopie Deal."  Ok, they really didn't bring back a shirt, but I should have that made for them.That reminds me, they didn't bring me back anything from their trip, really?  Europe and nada?  Maybe I'll save that for another post...


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  2. Hahaha! Okay, that made me laugh. (But then again, I live in Europe. :D)

    Yes, please, people like that: stay home. People who can enjoy the quirkyness of other countries and cultures (including the not-so-nice bits because hey, we're all just humans): please come!

  3. Thank you for your comment. Exactly, stay home if you aren't going to be open minded!