Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Girl Doesn't Like Bows

If you were 1 1/2, would you like to wear something poky or hair pulling on your head?  So why do people insist that my daughter must wear a bow or hair clip at all times?  She is still a girl even if she doesn't wear a stupid bow.  When I do try to put a bow in her hair, it lasts maybe a minute and that is pushing it.  It is like an automatic response, place hair thingy majigy on head, girl takes off.  It goes hand in hand.  One time a family member came over and I did not have a (I know you will gasp) bow in her hair and she said to my girl, not to me, but to my little girl," Oh poor girl, you look just like your brother without a hair bow.  Mommy needs to fix that, otherwise how can people tell you"re a girl?"  Ok, poor girl?  Really?  If she really suffering because she doesn't have a pink polka dot headband with a 2 foot tall flower attached to it on top of her 1/2 inch of hair?  First of all, we were at home and the family member stopped by for a few hours so I don't know who these people are she is referring to because if we don't know she is a girl, there is a major problem.  Second, she was wearing a purple shirt with a white and purple skirt, I don't know who dresses their boy like that unless they are raising him in a "gender boundary-less" environment.  Third, she does not look like her brother without a bow, she is 1 1/2, he is 3 1/2; she has dark brown eyes, he has light brown eyes; she hardly has any hair, he has tons of it, so this person obviously isn't very observant and was just making a "poke" with her statement. 
There is another person in the family that insists on hunting down a hair clip of some kind if I can't seem to find one to put on her.  OH MY GOSH, the world is ending, my precious little girl is going to poof into a boy if we do not find a giant bow to stick in her hair!  It is too late for her, so save yourselves! 
Then there is the dreaded, I must not have enough hats for her to wear, so here is another one that you have to put on her this very moment so I believe you really like it situation.  Ok lady, it is 100 degrees out here, I am not going to put on a stupid woolly head piece on my little girl who already sweats more then her Dad and I combined.  She is one sweaty little girl.  It can be 50 degrees outside and she will still perspire.  I know that it is fun to dress girls up, I know because I have one, but she does not have to wear girl things every single day to show the world she has XX chromosomes.  A girl is a girl without the pink frilly tops, without the purple tutu skirts, and without the freaking overboard uncomfortable headbands/clips/hats.  What is next?  I swear, those same people better not buy her a stupid t shirt when she gets older like that JcPenny shirt that read "I'm too pretty to do homework, I'll have my brother do it."  It was something like that.  I think I'll just lose it!

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